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Hello! Today Iam Review Purdue University. My name is Ellie, I am a master’s student in Health and Kinesiology and I will be your tour guide today.


So this is the archway and we’re right in front of the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering. So there’s a lot of classrooms here and it’s an engineering mall, so it’s a hotbed of tons of classes for student life. There are often pop-up tents here for student organizations and all kinds of things. To our right is the Purdue University Student Health Center.

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Address: 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907, United States
Phone Number: +1 765-494-4600
Acceptance Rate: 59.8% (2020) IPEDS
Undergraduate degree tuition fees and other fees: local tuition 9,992 USD, domestic tuition 28,794 USD (2019 – 20) IPEDS
Mascot: Purdue Pete, Boilermaker Special
Total students taken admission: 41,573 (2017)
Common SAT Scores: Reading and Writing 590-690, Math 600-750 (2019–20) IPEDS

Purdue University REVIEW




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So there is a lot of focus on campus for student health and not just physical health but mental health, well-being. So here not only our health center but also the RE center has undergone a huge renovation and it is huge and beautiful and part of your graduate student fee actually goes into paying for your membership so you can go there and work And to get that activity and it’s really really important and it’s a very active complex so we’re always trying to encourage health, physical health, wellness of all those things. Parking on campus is really easy.

You can actually look up parking passes on the Purdue graduate school website, you can see the radius and if you live a mile and a half from campus you can apply for a c-pass and they’re really cheap and you can get off campus It’s really really convenient so you can park anywhere in the clot. You just have to make sure you are outside that boundary line and then it really works. So I know looking for an apartment in a new place can be quite difficult but it is really good because the West Lafayette area is really really cost effective and if you are looking for a place on a budget then that kind of thing.

Purdue University REVIEW

Looking for work apartments is really easy. So Purdue has a ton of offseason traditions but one of my favorite ones is the fountain run so there are these fountains all over the campus that are huge and beautiful and you’ll get a big group and you run all the fountains around campus and it’s really cool. It’s a great way to get to know people in your group. When I came here I didn’t know anyone in my group was coming.

So we all decided we were going to run a fountain and I think it’s a little bit like two miles maybe and you go through all the fountains but this is my favorite fountain. So this is engineering fountain and it is important part of running fountain so whenever you are trying to do this make sure you reach engineering fountain. But it is also great that it creates a kind of breeze so it is very beautiful to walk when you are walking around the campus and a lot of time people will sit here and study or read. And then there’s also the main administration building on the right, so if you’re looking for your get to know registrar or bursary there’s a place, which is an important location on campus, to make sure you find that you’ll find your students Whether there is any problem in getting the ID, make sure you are ready to go for classes.

There are also plenty of places to study on campus so my favorite place to study is the Wilmeth Active Learning Center, which we’re about to pass to the left. They have the most amazing reading room with all these different tables and really comfortable chairs and there are chargers on every table so you can plug your phone plug into your laptop and they open really late so you can get in and complete their work. There are also computer laboratories throughout the campus, so many Purdue computers actually have those programs for you if you don’t have some programs on your computer. We also have a bell tower here. So it’s like the quintessential Purdue monument. It’s all over our stuff and there’s a legend that if you walk under the bell tower you won’t finish your event on time.

Purdue University REVIEW

So I’d say admire from afar, don’t walk under the bell tower but unless you’re feeling really risky but I did my undergraduate degree here so I like Purdue. I decided to stay for a graduate program but in my sophomore year I decided I felt like you were really confident so I went under the bell tower and felt like five minutes into my senior year That I would not be able to attend class I should have been able to enter and felt that I would not be able to graduate on time. Luckily, it worked. So right now we are at Memorial Mall. Sothis is one of my favorite places on campus. It’s always hopping, there’s always a lot of people hanging out.

It is like the main square of the complex, so there are always people and hammocks here. So right now we’re in front of Purdue Memorial Union. So there are lots of places to study here in the union, there are always tables available. Plus Union also has an Amazon hub so you can get next day shipping to Union which is so convenient to pick up things between classes. Union also has a UPS store, so if you ever need to ship or mail things.

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